Feet first into a healthy lifestyle: GO WALKING

We wish all our walkers a very happy and healthy new year!

The countdown is now officially ON … only 85 days to go before the 2014 Canberra Walking Festival!


About aussiewalk

AussieWalk is a not-for-profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers, that hosts a number of walking events in Australia: * the annual Canberra Walking Festival * year round self-guided walks in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Lakes Entrance, Bairnsdale, Albury/Wodonga and Adelaide (new in 2015) * group walks in Canberra and elsewhere This blog is to record the walking adventures of our AussieWalkers and to provide helpful tips and advice
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3 Responses to Feet first into a healthy lifestyle: GO WALKING

  1. John Gordon says:

    I thought Group walks were now twice a month on the second and fourth Saturdays not once a month.

    • aussiewalk says:

      Hi John,
      You are correct. There are generally 2 walks per month. This post is for our annual Canberra Walking Festival.

      The full 2014 calendar is now on our website, see http://aussiewalk.com.au/ivv_walks.htm. Our first walk for the year is next Sat 11th Jan and we will be walking from O’Malley to Parliament House (11km).

      • John Gordon says:

        Thank you. I didn’t express my previous comment as clearly as I should have; the comment related to the “About AussieWalk” paragraph where it states that Group walks are held on the second Saturday of each month. See you on Saturday.

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